First Home Buyer Choice Calculator
Use this calculator to see how much property tax or upfront stamp duty a first-home buyer must pay when buying a property in NSW.
First, let's get an idea of the property you are looking for along with your eligibility.
Enter a value between 1 and 75.
Based on your answers and inputs, we’ve calculated the following:
Property Tax


Total Payable over year(s)


Per Annum

Stamp Duty


(One-time and Up-front payment)
Amount breakdown
Which Is Better?

You either need to pay a total property tax of $0 over years OR pay an up-front stamp duty $NaN.

The choice between paying an annual property tax or a one-time stamp duty will depend on your circumstances. We recommend you check in with your conveyancer to confirm your eligibility.

Disclaimer: These results are based on the information provided. It assumes you meet the eligibility requirements for the First Home Buyer Choice Scheme. The calculator should be used only as a guide. Please seek advice before making a decision.

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